HotelASP 4.0.21

Run your hotel more easily

HotelASP is a free hotel software and reservation software for managing hotels, motels, villas or other kind of properties and for editing and publishing content in the Internet. One Hotel chain can manage with HotelASP their business in an integrated way and simultaneous guarantee the specific of each hotel.

Each Hotel can have one or more management systems (working with the same hotel data) and one or more public sites (for example: one for each Client market segment) totally integrated. This integration can enhance a better relation with his Clients (for example: promotions, yield management, specific content for VIP Clients, etc).

Hotel software main features:

Multi Application and Multi Language

One software can manage and run several hotel management systems at the same time and several public sites in several languages or cultures.

Application Service Provider (ASP) and Web Hosting support

HotelASP is ready and prepared to work in ASP model. HotelASP is ready to be installed and operated through a hosting service provider.

Total Configuration of User Interface

The business views and the business rules are completely configurable through editing xml files. HotelASP can be adapted and changed to serve the business specific needs.

Content Management System

Integrated web based content manager for viewing, publishing and editing content. Integrated with the property management module.

Property Management System

Integrated reservations and lodging management, customer management, account management, front office and back office reporting.

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HotelASP 4.0.21

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